India Wins Semi finals: 600 litres of free milk for India’s victory

Among the billion prayers sent up to the heavens for a Team India victory on Wednesday, those of the residents of Mumbai’s central suburbs must have been the loudest tinged, as they were, with more direct self-interest.

For, a host of freebies from milk to tonga rides awaited the residents if India won, which it did.

“We will distribute more than 600 litres of milk, free of charge, to residents of Doodh Naka in Kalyan from 11 am on Thursday,” said Mohammad Ghulam Nabi Fareed, working president of a dairy owners’ committee, who had promised to do so if India beat Pakistan.

Kalyan residents will also be able to avail of free tonga rides on Thursday thanks to Bal Hardas, corporator, Kalyan-Dombivli Municipal Corporation. He had distributed coupons two days before the Indo-Pak clash, valid for free rides only if India won.

Ulhasnagar residents, meanwhile, enjoyed a grand bash while the match was on.

Amar Jethani, owner of Sapna theatre in the area, had distributed free passes for a screening of the match there. More than 500 people were invited and cheerleaders were also present to enliven the atmosphere.

“I had also distributed free audio CDs a day before the match. This is the least I can do for my country. It was great to cheer for India together,” said Jethani.

He added that a cocktail soiree was also organised after Team India’s victory for the VIPs present at the screening.

Source: NDTV

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