Gaondevi Mandir

Gaondevi Mandir was built in the year 1988. This is one of the oldest temple in the city. Initially it was small as compared to today’s size.

In Gaondevi Mandir’s area there is inscribed stone which dates back to the

century (1396). The stone measures roughly 2.5 ft in height and 1.25ft wide. As per ancient tradition, there are symbols of Sun and Moon on top and a donkey like illustration at the bottom. The donkey like illustration is generally added to indicate the punishment or bad words given for dis-obeying the above mentioned order on the stone.

This stone was original found below a tree. For road-widening purpose, this stone was handed over to the Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai. With opposition from the local people and with the help of volunteers of Youth Hostels Association of India, Dombivli and Gaodevi Parisar Rahivasi Sangh, this stone was brought back to Dombivli. It was then re-established on 6th-March-1994 by Commissioner of Mahanagar Palika Shri. T. Chandrashekhar.

There are total 13 lines on this stone. Its inscribing, briefly describes about granting of “Shirvali” village / place. King Aalunaku was ruling Thane area at that time. He granted 8 areas. Out of which the King granted Dombivli area to his sevak “Jaswant Dalavai”. The names of the 8 areas are not clear as the stone is damaged and the inscribing are not readable.