Mayureshwar Mandir

Its a great fortune of Dombivlikar that we have Shri. Siddhivinayak Mayureshwar Dhyan Mandir at Angiras Ashram, Desle Pada, Dombivli East established by Mayureshwar Seva Mandal.

Amongst all gods, Ganesha is always worshiped first and foremost. Shri. Ganesha is favorite  god of all. Temple of such god Ganesha is at Bhopar, Dombivli East.

In this temple, Ganesha and other gods were established in a fawerant and auspicious ceremony in May 2005. This Ganesha idol is a copy of Morgaon Ganpati. Because of Moraya’s blessings and kind help of Her Holiness Smt. Sandhyatai Amrute raised this temple. A very beautiful murthy/idol of Ganesha is accompanied by Riddhi & Siddhi. Also Navgrah murthis are there. Annapurna Mata’s and a very beautiful and rare sculpture/murthy of Nag & Nagin are also there. One can have a darshan of Ashtavinayak in this temple.

The other attraction point of this temple is the Ganesha Art Gallery. There are more than 2000 idols/Murthys of Ganesha in different forms. We can see rarest of rare forms of Ganpati from different parts of the world and from different centuries.  The Ganesha Art Gallery is very sacred, cool and auspicious / pavitra place giving a pleasant experience to every visitor. In this temple Ganeshotsav, Guru Poornima, Datta Jayanti, etc. functions are calebrated. Seminar, processions and trainings are arranged. Her Holiness Sandhya tai Amrute always guides everybody with her amrut vani / sacred speech. She explains the importance of mediation, chantings, Naam-Jap. This mandir was establish as  a foundation of Naam-Jap. Hence the atmosphere of this mandir is very auspicious, full of energy and goodness. We get peache of mind in this cool and auspicious atmosphere. By repetition of “Shri Gajanan, Jai Gajanan” naam-jap we cross over and over come all our difficulties and get peace of mind. Her Holiness Sandhyatai Amrute has enlightened Ganesh Bhakti in the hearts of all devotees and showed them the path of Good Deeds. This mandir is indeed showing the society, the path of Bhakti, Happiness and success in life.