Pendharkar College Awarded

Dr Sharad Mahajan assistant professor in zoology at K V Pendharkar College, Dombivli east, has genuine reasons to feel mightily pleased. He has been declared as the best NSS (National Social Service) officer of the college for sterling performance in the field of social and community service.

“The annual awards instituted by MU (Mumbai University) are ultimate recognition of the selfless efforts of the officers and their units for the consistent quality work in the host community. The Pendharkar unit and its programme officer Mahajan are the recipients of University of Mumbai-run NSS Cell’s awards for the entire Thane district for the year 2009-10,” explains Anis Choudhary, the Thane district NSS co-ordinator.

“There are 149 NSS officers and 50 affiliated colleges on the Thane district central line. Their individual performances are critically evaluated by a distinguished panel of experts. The Pendharkar unit and its officer stood out in the area of sincere community services rendered in their chosen area of operation,” he added.

“This is an extra-curricular activity that aims to develop the personality of the young volunteers through national service. It imbibes the best values among the participating youth and must be made mandatory for all the collegians for a transformation of their personalities,” said Mahajan.

The unit directly under him consists of two units of 100 volunteers. One of the notable achievements was the complete change in the attitude of Jambulpada village, some 90- km away from Dombivli in Sudhagard taluka, towards public sanitation.

Source: Kalyan-Dombivi Plus / Mumbai Mirror

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